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Dear Parents and Students,

Purpose of education is to give nourishment to body, mind, heart and soul. The echoes of Swamy Vivekananda You consider a man as educated if he can pass an examination and can deliver a good lecture. However an education which does not help the common masses to equip themselves for the struggle for life, which does not bring strength of character, courage of a lion is not worth its name, should strike a chord in the hearts of all of us. Our education must be value oriented. Values refer to abstract qualities and ideals that human beings cherish, desire and consider desirable. Values can be categorized as universal, cultural and individual.

Universal values form the foundation for enjoying a fulfilling life. These values can be experienced and realized such as love, joy, compassion, humour, truth, peace, respect, beauty and justice.

Cultural values are necessary for maintaining social order and are reflected in language, ethics, aesthetics, education, law, religion, philosophy and social institutes. Interpretation of cultural values as universal values results in intolerance, aggression, oppression and terrorism.

Individual values are our private and personal principles and are reflected in individual goals, preferences and commitments. In extreme conditions these may result into ego clashes, identity crises and value conflict.

Education must train individuals for the present age  an age which has so much to contribute to human fulfillment. This is possible in India due to our ancient traditions and their modern interpretation by outstanding personalities.

Prescription for healing soul of India is self discipline and value oriented education. It is our endeavour to keep up the objective of value education to promote integrity in children.

With best regards,

Mrs. Ramaa Shankar C.
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